Maui Newsletter: October 2023

Hope for Halloween

Hope for Halloween

Hope for Halloween

Aloha Family & Friends
Yes, October is Halloween month. But since West Maui has had plenty of “frights” for the year, we thought it might be nice to share some of the more inspirational events occurring within the community. To explain what it’s like right now, we’ll focus on two areas. – how it feels and what is being done.

First off is how it feels –
Of course, there is a level of concern and anxiety – many of our residents have not yet found long term housing, are continuing to work through complicated insurance claims and have questionable job security. But alongside those concerns is an overwhelming willingness to help however and wherever it’s possible. The other day while helping unload a container of donations, we realized that the volunteers included not just Maui residents helping those who lost all, but also many who had lost all still jumping in to help others, and – as a gratifying surprise – visitors who specifically had a desire to help repair the community for which they felt such aloha. Additionally – and possibly even more important is a current feeling of hope. From the continual monitoring of our Banyan Tree (yes, it’s sprouting lots of new leaves) to a determination of “we’re going to fix this no matter how long it takes” – the prevailing belief is that together, we will build back the town that we love.

Secondly, what’s being done –
In a nutshell: a LOT. We currently have about six active “hubs” in West Maui, generally staffed by volunteers, that distribute everything from food to paper products and even pet supplies. And since the need for information can be valuable as providing tangible items, we are also pleased to see several organizations advising folks on practical items such as filing of insurance claims, mortgage assistance, applying for small business grants and more. And we’ve jumped in on the real estate front as well. One of the most gratifying accomplishments in the past few months has been the ability to help families who’ve lost their homes move into new ones.

While there’s still lots to do, the bottom line is – we’re getting there! Thank you for all your well wishes and positive communication.

PS: For those that are curious, Greg is doing great and should be back on his paddleboard next week!

Aloha, Greg & Leah

Kaanapali Luxury Living Maui Newsletter October Market 2023
Kaanapali Luxury Living Maui Newsletter October Market 2023

Fast, easy and Healthy Halloween Treat!

Easy “Candy Corn” Fruit Cup

  • can of pineapple tidbits
  • can of mandarin oranges
  • whipped cream

Now, be smart and get the fruit packed in its own juice. No need for corn syrup. No siree. And try to use a clear dish for this treat. Obviously, seeing the layers is what makes it so much fun! Or, you could get real pineapple and oranges, which is the best way to get tons of flavor and vitamins!

  1. spoon a layer of mandarin oranges in the bottom of your dish
  2. spoon a layer of pineapple on top of the oranges
  3. top with whipping cream

Aren’t those just so fast, healthy, and fun? Your kids will love these treats for after-school…for sure! And you’ll love them eating them! These Halloween fruit cups for kids are easy, fast, inexpensive, and good for you. It’s definitely not every day that such a perfect combination exists for a parent!

Easy Candy Corn Fruit Cup

Easy Candy Corn Fruit Cup Recipe from Nellie Bellie