Maui Newsletter: August 2023

Hope in Lahaina

Hope in Lahaina

Hope in Lahaina

To All of Our Family and Friends

As many of you are aware of the recent tragedy that has taken place in our small town, in lieu of our regular newsletter we would like to send a note this month to let you know two things:

First, Greg, Leah and Gidget are safe, our home is intact, and we’re doing what we can to jump in and help our neighbors, friends, and family.

The second thing we want you to know: As there are no words for the devastation that has occurred, we can tell you that “the Aloha Spirit” remains and we have all experienced it in one way or another. The outpouring of support from friends and neighbors to each other, from the other islands, from the mainland and from the world has been an overwhelmingly strong indicator of what we need the most right now: HOPE.

Thank you for reaching out, and we’ll be back next month.

With Love from Lahaina,

Greg, Leah and Gidget

Hope in Lahaina - Lahaina Strong